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Since early November 2020, Disney stock prices have appreciated by 50%, mainly thanks to the increase of Disney +, its streaming service. Disney + launched in November 2019 and now has over 87 million subscribers.

The group originally planned to receive 60 to 90 million subscribers by 2024, but this goal has already been met. Today, Disney expects to possess between 230 and 260 million subscribers on Disney + by 2024 and 350 million subscribers in total with the Hulu and ESPN + services. Compared to Netflix's 193 million subscribers, Disney has become its biggest competitor.

In addition, the corporate plans to extend film production to 100 new films annually , which can be greatly facilitated by the planned reopening of theaters. The reopening of parks and seaside resorts will only increase Disney's activity from 2021.

Walt Disney may be a blue chip day trading with an extended history, which investors often buy for the future .

Most retailers had an excellent 2020 as consumers still had to shop for some basic necessities en bloc . That said, no other player, not even Amazon, has had a better margin of profit than Target.

Target's success are often attributed to many factors, but most of all to its omnichannel approach to retail. Unlike Amazon, for instance , which also offers online trading za , Target combines both in-store and online sales also as in-store withdrawals.

Target already has several stores altogether states of the us , both in urban and rural areas, which allows it to succeed in an outsized customer base. As small retailers struggle to weather tough times, Target could further expand its reach. It plans to enhance the in-store pick-up service by introducing features like new automatic payment methods and contactless wheel controls.

Online sales have also been very profitable for Target since its acquisition of Shipt in 2017 for $ 550 million. This has enabled Target to realize same-day delivery through the partnership with local stores which allows for faster and less expensive deliveries. Target brands like Dermstore have also been successful with consumers.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses turned to services like Zoom, or Adobe Connect for remote work and communication. this is often why Adobe has not seen a drastic turnaround. But as businesses have adapted to telecommuting, there has been the necessity to push for leading edge solutions.

Adobe is functioning on cloud computing solutions like Adobe Experience Cloud for enterprises. In fact, the group has already partnered with Microsoft on this initiative which uses AI to gather user data, and conduct online marketing campaigns.

The group's forecast for 2021 is above what market analysts expect, illustrating the company's confidence in its products and services.